Blood Glucose Log Sheet

Hello one of the best tools along with your (This is the one I use) glucose meter is a blood sugar tracking app or a printable blood sugar log sheet. With this handy tool you will be able to track your blood sugar levels throughout the day. This will help you make an informed decision on what your meals should be. Remember every food acts differently in the body.

One bit of information if you don’t already know when doing your finger stick always do it on the side of the finger not on the very end, there are thousands of nerve endings on the tip of your finger after  a while you will start to damage them, doing it on the side of the tip helps keep the damage low.


Downloadable Apps

In the Google play store for Android and the Apple app store there are some apps that you can down load that will help you keep track of your daily numbers. These are really great if you have a busy life style were you are always on the go were you have to eat out a lot and you are somewhat tech savy with a smart phone.

App names in the Google play store are:

Blood Glucose Tracker This app is pretty basic it organizes all your numbers that you enter weather its daily numbers or A1c and you can filter the results to your liking you can set up daily reminders track meds it also has auto back up so if you need a new phone your info will not be lost.

Rightest Care This app lets you organize lumbers also it lets the user upload photos. Keep notes on your carb counts lets you do comparison between before/after meal with valuable information. It also has an intuitive dashboard that will let you know if something is abnormal in your numbers.

forDiabetes At the time of this article this app is new and unreleased but you can download it, you can log your glucose levels, meals, activities, medications and weight. This app will also accept automatic data entry such as from a Google fit, Fitbit activity trackers, Next one Glucometer plus more.

App names for iPhone from the apple store are:

Foodcate This one you can scan the labels of the food you wish to purchase to give you the ingredients plus the health rating. This way you can track your food intake plus track your exercise, sleep and mood.

Glooko This app will track your meds carb intake it will also accept data from most of the monitors, meters, pumps and fitness trackers. This one is subscription based.

Healthyout This one is for dinning out you can search local restaurants with special filters to find the best diabetic friends foods.


Printable Blood Glucose tracking Chart

If you are not tech savy or you just like good old fashion pen and paper here is a handy chart that you can download to help you keep track of your daily numbers. Just save this picture to your desktop and then print once you start to keep track of your numbers you can start to see how your body reacts to the different foods that you eat.

In general everyone s body acts the same way when you eat a meal or a snack but the degree to which each individual responds it going to be different that is why it is a good idea to keep track.

More Chart Information

There is another website that I find interesting this is a website that you can go type in almost any food even foods that you may eat, even from a popular chain restaurant and it will give you a breakdown of the foods nutritional facts, glycemic load, caloric ratio pyramid. It will also give you their opinion of the good and bad about the food.

Its Time

This is your first step in taking control of your situation so don’t hesitate ether download an app or the printable chart. With this new tool you will now be able keep track of your numbers so that you can make a better life.

All doctors do not practice medicine the same way some are awesome they are very involved and caring and some well they give you little to no specific guidance. This condition does not need to control your life especially when you have options. Remember it took your body years to get here it will take some time getting it out. I hope this helps.








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